Tun Tun Adrien The Lamb Knit Doll

Tun Tun Adrien The Lamb Knit Doll

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 Adrien is a sheep that loves to be at home and plays hide and seek with his brothers. when he grows up, he dreams of being a great singer that is why he practices every day. His favorite breakfast is oatmeal with chocolate. Adrien is very happy with each new friend; you will have an incredible time!

Outer: 100% cotton knit
Filling: 100% polyester
Hand wash / lay flat to dry

Who made Adrien?

Did you know that behind each of our dolls are many artisans behind and their families receiving a fair payment?

These dolls are 100% handmade using a Peruvian technique called “intarsia” an ancestral technique passed down from generation to generation, which we are now helping to preserve and teach to other artisans. Lets met the hands behind the dolls!
Color: Beige
Style: SF035BG