‘Resiliencie’ is inspired by, and dedicated to, the heroes of this global pandemic. 

When a passion for art and maternal instinct came together, Popelin, a children’s clothing brand for babies and children aged 0 to 16 years, Est 2013.

Each collection is unique and created based on an idea, a concept…we get our inspiration from the past and create items of clothing which are suitable for modern day living. We are true to fair trade and sustainable production and it is for this reason that our textiles and manufacturing process are 100% Spanish.

The Popelin have been an example and have taught us to make the most of the truly essential things in life: love, togetherness, the warmth of a family. They have shown us what we really we need and the things that make us happy.

Now we all need to work in unison to come together, to learn and to continue growing our emotions for a better world full of happy people.

4 products

4 products