And you do too. 


You bathe her, feed her, hold her, and rock her to sleep. 


You wake at 2am for her, and you’re always on call. And you will be forever. 


But here’s one thing your baby really wants, but that she can’t quite tell you. 


It’s not about food, toys, or play. 


It’s about 






Her blanket. 


That thing that covers her as she baby-snores happily through the night. The thing that your baby falls asleep to, wakes up to, and hugs tightly when you’re not there. 


Your baby’s blanket is so incredibly important to her emotional and physical wellbeing, yet it’s commonly taken for granted. 


If your baby’s blanket isn’t softer than a bunny, breathable as sheep’s wool, and large enough for her - it’s time to upgrade. 


Here’s a bit of data from

“Their blanket is what your baby turns to in the middle of the night when he or she wakes up, as they often do, even for just brief moments in between sleep cycles.”


Your baby deserves and needs the absolute BEST blanket possible. 


A better blanket will 

  • Improve sleep quality
  • Minimize midnight tantrums 
  • Comfort baby emotionally 
  • Minimize risk of SIDS

We’ve spent quite a bit time and money developing the world’s best baby blanket, and it’s available to you now!


This line of exquisite baby blankets is made from the finest, most baby-friendly materials on earth, and is so soft that your baby will think she’s back in your womb!


Caress your baby while impressing everybody else! This line is a fashion statement that’ll make you proud to flaunt together with your beautiful child. 


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It’s at Little Loungers in Brooklyn. 


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