This isn’t a uniquely Jewish perspective, just thoughts on what real-life effects this visceral medium has on our happiness level


Sheitel-machers, makeup artists, clothing stores, shoe stores - anything visual and attractive is easily posted and burned into the eyeballs of billions of Instagram users. 


From a marketing standpoint, its use is a no-brainer. 




Let’s be honest about what it’s doing to you, albeit subtly. 


It’s degrading your life. 


It’s sapping your happiness and leaving a void that can never be filled. 


It’s taunting you with impossible dreams, eternally out of reach. 


Has your Mom ever told you “not to compare”?

Yeah, right. We all compare. Especially our own pitiful selves against these magical people appearing daily on the ‘gram. 


These magically perfect Moms, Bodies, and Fashionistas


Those ones with the life, family, and looks WE were meant to have. But life stole it from us. We’re just not there. YET. 


We shut off the screen and see our lives in suddenly unsatisfying ways. 


It’s all wrong….. It starts with the wardrobe, goes to the house, to our bodies, then to the spouse, the kids, EVERYTHING. 


Nothing is ever enough when you’re in comparison mode. 


But here’s that model’s dirty little secret - they’re looking around too. Cuz it looks glamorous to you, but not to its holder. 


Anything you’ve achieved isn’t enough when somebody some where’s got more, got different.

And here’s dirty little secret #2 - it’s not real. 


You’re not seeing the screaming child she just left inside as she’s recording, all smiles, on her porch. 


You’re not seeing the mud-splattered kid that really exists. You’re seeing what happens once in a blue moon and made to look like it’s daily. 


You’re not seeing…. That they’re just like you. That all the perfection is a mirage. 


Think you cannot do business without it? Little Loungers is a high-end Brooklyn children's clothing store doing an enormous amount of business in the community - and they’ve never used Instagram. 


They’re not the only ones. 


Perhaps we really do not need it. Maybe business can happen without it. Maybe we can dress ourselves, our children, and outfit our home beautifully without it. 


Let’s rethink this platform’s use. 


Let’s decide if we want to be subjected to the fake glamour that makes our own lives seem insignificant. 


Let’s really lean into our own *perfect* lives and learn to love the amazingness we already have. 


Let’s start loving ourselves more today.