Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA or any other institution. But they don’t need to be, cuz you’ll know they’re true!

Alright, Moms and Dads. Here’s the truth you already know.

There’s a far more patient, loving, and tolerant parent within you.

All that hero needs as entry fare into our world.... is more rest.

There’s simply no correlation between the effect of a tired parent on kids and a rested one.

Think you can’t get enough sleep due to
> Your job
> Your schedule
> Your kids
> Your entertainment needs;)

You may be right.

Or you may be wrong.

Many folks think they’ve got too much to do to get enough sleep.

But in reality they’re simply prioritizing less important things over sleep, which is absolutely critical.

You know the story about the fella who went up to heaven and was given the opportunity to ask for whatever he desired?

He asked that all his wishes come true. Brilliant, aye? Sleep is similar.

You may be yelling at your screen “You've got no idea how busy I am!”. True. I do not. 

But maybe you’re busy because you’re working tired, making yourself less efficient and productive.

Sleep is that thing that puts everything else into a new light.

Everything you saw through yesterday’s dull glasses looks bright and happy out of today’s rested ones.

And here’s another super-important sleep-fact:

Get your threads into the best possible shape, and you’ll feel sooo much more relaxed and luxurious as you retire.

By simply upgrading your sleepwear into really cozy, pampering luxury - new vistas of happy and deep sleep will be unlocked.

It’s amazing how our sleep setting affects how our sleep works for us.

There’s a fabulous new women’s sleepwear flying o the shelves at Little Loungers - and it’s deepening and extending healing sleep for women everywhere lucky enough to get their hands on it.

It’s called VELVETTE, and it’s made from the softest cotton in the world - Peruvian Pima Cotton direct from its native South America.

All you need to do is feel this happiness between your fingers, and you’ll be able to imagine being caressed and enveloped in its luxury all night long.

Whatever your sleeping issues are - and let’s be honest, we all have them - getting that critical rest will totally rewire you life, brain, and body. For a parent, that goes for the whole family.

Wishing you happy dreams! (and mornings;)