Top Brands to Consider While Buying Newborn Baby Gift

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Birth of a baby is one of the most amazing and unforgettable moments in one's life. Holding the baby for the first time after his/her birth is the priceless moment for every parent as the joy and happiness in their heart knows no bounds. This moment is special not only for parents but also for the whole family and loved ones. Everyone wants to buy gifts for the baby as a token of love; there are many gift options available in the market that one can buy like newborn baby clothes, skin care products and other useful things that are much needed by your loving tiny tots.

The skin of a newborn baby is very soft and gentle, for which they need clothes with soft, non-allergic and skin friendly fabric. A brand like Petit Bateau who sells baby clothes online offers a vast range of clothes for infants.  

 Below given are some of the best brands that offer endless choices of gift options for you:

Petit Bateau

Petit Bateau is a French brand of clothing for children and adults with a variety of baby products founded in 1920. From sleepers to clothes they have everything that belongs to the newborn baby.  You can pick up baby girl's sleeper with beanie hat or newborn layette set for unisex, a perfect gift option with a bundle of joy. Every infant needs a layette set although parents have a lot of them, extra baby clothes are always welcome, and if you want to gift baby a soft touch, you can go with baby blankets.


Mustela is a skincare expert for babies and mother since 1950. They offer a complete range of skincare products for the delicate skin of newborns, children, women who are mothers to be and mothers. They provide a lovely gift hamper with a variety of cream, lotion, soothing wipes, hair & body wash, bath time essential and many more. You can go with two or three products, or you can choose the whole gift pack as per your requirements.

La Mascot

La Mascot presents refined collection dedicated to newborns and children from 0 to 8 years. They pay attention to the choice of fabric and natural material that made their collection more comfortable for infants. You can gift baby suits by La Mascot which includes a cap, tee, bid, soft, legging and more. Baby suits a much easier option for mothers as it covers their tiny tots from head to toe.

The second option that La Mascot gives you is a baby blanket; the material of blanket is extra gentle and smooth, dressing the little ones in these blankets is comfortable and convenient.


While shopping for little ones you can also pick something for new moms to make them comfortable with the baby. There are varieties of sleepwear and crossover lace robe on Velvette. This soft and breathable fabric is perfect for the mother as well as for a newborn. They are designed in such a way that they are perfect for lounging around the house.


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