The Joy of Dressing up Your Little One

Shopping is one of the most entertaining, exciting and loved activity, and when it comes to shopping for your kids the fervor accompanied with it doubles the excitement and energy. Little Loungers, will give you access to all materials used in kids dressing (casuals or formals) and their skin care. It does not matter whether you have a girl or a boy; it is a one stop shop for all you demands. Different categories, different designs and different colors for your young one, to fulfill his appetite that never settles on one item! Kids are a symbol of purity and simplicity, and this brand offers to you what you stepped in our store for. The main quality behind the brand is their honesty about their clothing, fine texture of the apparels, the value of money they offer and the deals they give access to.

There is an immense competition in the market for baby products and clothing; dresses are the demand of kids during festive season, birthday parties, weddings, school events and in other social gatherings.  Parents love to see their child looking impressive in social get together, making the moment memorable for their kids and themselves. If the parents wish them to look and feel confident in this prospering age, parents buy the best dress from the competitive market as this clearly reflects their love and affection for their young one.

Little Loungers gives freedom of choice to the young ones to choose from their wide variety of choices they have in store. Kids are ardent and curious learners and are continuously deviated from one activity to another, so it becomes necessary for choosing for them from amongst the best quality of clothes, bathing products, lifestyle products and toys or gifts. Good clothing and grooming boosts confidence in kids, making them animated, unlike adults, who are bothered and concerned about how they or look or act?

Petit bateau baby formal wear offers wide variety of formal line of fashion, which lets the young one’s enjoy the classic and elegant fashion which is assumed to be the territory of elders alone. Babies the cutes, most innocent and not influenced by ulterior any motives. They are straight forward and have no hidden feelings, and always exhibit their true self without any bias. Formal wear, considered as depiction of quality, sophistication and style is like adorning kids with another layer of riotousness they already posses and are born with. Last but not the least, we guarantee you with designs and prices in the market, and we’re leading manufactures in this field.

Your Little


Allow us, to serve you with the best in the market with the promise of never letting you down and not compromising on our quality. Kids are considered to be incarnation of God, and our exquisite designs and style prove that, accompanied with their innate righteousness and purity. Summarizing, your kids are your reflection, and you cannot allow to reflection to shame you.


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